Drop-dead EASY Database
This class will show you the what, why and how of building a sustainable database to make you more productive. Regardless of how many times before you have started but not finished, following the steps in this session and its worksheets will put you on the road to increased repeat and referral sales.
Storytelling is the BEST Marketing!
The "right" market with the message they want to hear will have them not only remembering your story but telling it to their friends.
What every REALTOR needs to know about Mortgage Lending
92% of all buyers financed their home and having a better understanding will help you to sell more homes to buyers and for sellers. This skill will create a point of difference from other agents. You’ll have the confidence to work better with your mortgage lender and close more sales.
Where is your next sale coming from...
Sheltering in place is the perfect time to spend on the most valuable asset in your business...your database. Regardless of what shape yours is in, this session will be worth your time.
Stop Making Excuses...Let InTouch Do It for You
Discover what InTouch Systems can do for your business. It is the most cost-effective way to build your repeat and referral sales and maintain top of mind awareness with the people who will do business with you.
Hitting the Target with your InTouch Systems Membership
We want you to get the most from your InTouch Systems membership. There are more than enough tools available to keep your name in front of the people who can do business with you automatically...if they are setup.
Out of Touch? Get in Touch!
See for yourself what InTouch Systems can do for you.
The Rental Property Difference
Single-family homes provide an excellent investment alternative. Many investors consider them the IDEAL investment compared to more conventional choices. They allow the investor to borrow large, loan-to-value mortgages at fixed interest rates for up to 30-years. They provide appreciation, tax advantages and more control than other investments.
InTouch Systems Member Update
See the latest features that have been added to InTouch Systems and watch a checklist of things to insure your getting the most out of what is available to you.
Database Marketing to Double Your Income
An agent's income is directly proportionate to the people in their database and the top of mind awareness you occupy in their minds.
Real Estate Review
If you've been looking for a strategy to meet with your best customers once a year to reinforce your position as their REALTOR, you'll want to see and listen to this concept. While helping your best customers protect the investment in their home, you'll win their loyalty and it could easily become your best lead generation activity.
Get Your Time Back
There is only so much time in a day and everyone is challenged to make the most of it. Explore ways to increase your productivity to make more money, have more fun and take control of your career.
Top of Mind Awareness - Turn Around
Since most homeowners know ten to twelve agents, you need a plan to have your name on the top of their mind. This class will help you create a point of difference and implement a digital marketing plan as simple as 1-2-3.
InTouch Spring 2019 Update
See the new InTouch features and changes that you may not be familiar with. We want you to be using InTouch to your full advantage.
Delivering What Homeowners Want Part 4 - Homeowner Taxes Made Simple
There are things about the tax law and its recent changes that affect homeowners when they buy, sell and all the years in between. By having a better understanding how they affect homeowners, you’ll be able to answer questions, explain concepts and help people make better decisions. Homes have lots of tax advantages that contribute to them being good investments. Agents need to be able to explain them simply and you will be able to if you attend this valuable, free webinar.
2019 Can Be Your Best Year Ever
This program will provide the checklist and the tools you need to make 2019 your best year ever. It's broken down in five sections: spending plan, goals, message, market and marketing. You'll receive a terrific six-page Excel worksheet and a written business plan in a Word doc. You need to hit the ground running in 2019 and this mid-December webinar will give you exactly what you need.
Your Database IS Your Business
The biggest mistake agents make is thinking they’re in the real estate business when they’re really in the people business helping people be better homeowners. This session will re-focus your efforts to market your services to the people you know by organizing your database regardless of what contact manager you might be using.
InTouch Affiliate Program
Take a few minutes to learn how you can earn residual income by sharing how InTouch works with your fellow agents in your market area.
A Set-it and Forget-it System to Top of Mind Awareness
This powerful session will outline exactly what you need to do and say to build a set-it and forget-it system to increase your repeat and referral business.
Content Marketing
Problem juggling different strategies for communicating with past customers, people you know and your Internet leads? ...This is your solution.