Building a Case for Homeownership Today!

Building a Case for Homeownership Today!

High interest rates, low inventories, and rising prices are causing buyers to sit on the sideline.  This webinar will arm you with specific tools and techniques to overcome these objections and “show” would-be buyers why they need to act today.

You’ll hear convincing arguments supporting the decision to buy now like homes are powerful wealth builders and guardians against inflation; gaining perspective on today’s interest rates; and, asset they can access equity for upcoming needs.

You’ll be able to show how amortization and appreciation lower the cost of housing and can actually be less than the rent they’re paying now.  You’ll even be able to present buyers with a powerful wealth building alternative of using an owner-occupied mortgage to control up to four-unit dwellings.

This session will demonstrate how to build the case for homeownership today.

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