Real Estate Review - the Info Homeowners Need!

Real Estate Review - the Info Homeowners Need!
This essential service for the people you know that will result in a listing, sale or referral 15 to 43% of the time.  It can easily be your #1 most productive and least expensive lead generation activity with absolutely, zero fear of rejection.

This session will outline the process and the procedure to help homeowners make better decisions while cementing your position as their real estate professional.  Develop a package of information that most agents fail to provide to the people they expect to do business with.

This could be the one thing that makes a dramatic difference in your repeat and referral business and the capstone of your contact system.

Pat Zaby has made a life long career in real estate sales and marketing.  He has been sharing ideas and strategies with REALTORS around the country for over 30 years that has earned him a loyal following. 
This is a powerful hour that you won't want to miss, and you'll be glad to have blocked the time to attend.  Register now.

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