Delegate Your Digital Marketing

Delegate Your Digital Marketing

Isn’t the bottom line that you want to keep your name in front of the people who can do business with you and be confident it is going to protect your image and build your reputation.

Consider delegating your digital marketing.  See what InTouch Systems can do for you.  What have you got to lose except your lengthy To-Do list, your crowed schedule and your guilt for not getting it out regularly.  Who knows?  With more time, you may be more productive and enjoy the business more.

  • Single topic newsletter (one to four times a month)
  • Weekly blog posting
  • Daily posts on social media Monday through Friday
  • Holiday greetings throughout the year
  • Special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries
  • Public resource center that aggregates everything
    • All posts
    • Information guides
    • Financial calculators
    • Recommended service providers

Attend this 45 minute webinar to see exactly what InTouch Systems has to offer you and how easy it is to setup and automatically working for you every single day.

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