Your Most Valuable Asset, Yet, the Most Neglected!

Your Most Valuable Asset, Yet, the Most Neglected!
An agent’s contacts are unquestionably, their most valuable asset.  Ironically, they have the lowest cost of acquisition and the highest conversion, but for whatever reason, the contacts are being neglected both organizationally and operationally.

New agent or seasoned professional, the situation is not mutually exclusive.  Agents have traditionally acknowledged the advantage of working with people who know, like, and trust you but have migrated to the latest “flavor of the month” lead generation source without recognizing that the resulting costs inflict major discounts on their revenue.

This session will not only convince you that your sphere of influence should be your primary source of business, but it will also present the best of practices for collecting, updating, organizing, and communicating with them.

By earning the immutable position as their source of real estate information, you can build a business to thrive in the boom times, survive economic downturns, prepare for retirement, and have an asset that is saleable at the end of this career. 

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