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Home Inventory - 3/27/2011

Recently, a homeowner had a burglary and part of the insurance claim was denied because they didn't have proof of purchase or a current inventory of their personal belongings.  This is something that could happen to anyone.  Even if you had an inventory but it was several years old, it could cost you money.

Some homeowners who have placed an insurance claim for losses say that they realized something was missing months after they had filed.  The inventory can actually serve as a guide to make sure you get compensated for all of your loss.

The best proof of purchase is to have a receipt for the item.  The reality of the situation is that most people don't keep receipts.  The next best item is to have an inventory and the more details like pictures, the better.

Contact me for a Home Inventory.  Once you get it completed, put it somewhere safe so you'll have it when you need it.  Saving it in the "Cloud" like  Microsoft Office Live is convenient because you can acess it from any computer with Internet access.

Kathryn Sotelo

Keller Williams Realty Louisville East
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